How do i log into my Account?

Your Efone Account

Logging into your Efone account allows you to check your call records and also allows you to top-up you Efone Account

Logging into your Efone Account

Start by going to and clicking on Existing Client Login.  Then Enter your login details.log in 1

Once the login details have been entered you will be brought to your home screenlog in 2

Topping up your Account.

When topping up your account, you need to click on the payment symbol and choose your method of top up whether that is debit/credit card or bank transfer. This screen also shows your payment history.

If using “debit/credit card” option, enter your card details including expiry date and security

code and click submit, this is the quickest form of top-up as it tops up your account immediately

If using “bank transfer” option, you choose your top up amount and click submit, this gives

you the bank details in which to do an online transfer to Efone’s Bank account.

Checking your Call Records

To check your call records in your account you double click on the Pie Chart Symbol

This will bring you to a screen where you can check your calls by day, week or month, and it also lets you check the cost and length of each call.

Choose a date you want to check and once selected click “GET CDR” button and this will give you the calls made between these dates.

Can I receive faxes?

Efone has a Fax-to-E-Mail service available. This allows you to advertise your existing ported number or a new Efone number and receive faxes in your inbox.

What if I don’t have a landline number?

Efone can provide you with a landline number for your phone system; the number can be a local area code, national code or international number.  Contact our sales team at +353 (62) 85421 or By E-mail for more information.

Can I add additional handsets or lines to my account?

Yes, additional phone hardware can be added to you account at anytime.

Can I Transfer calls to a mobile or different landline number?

Yes, a call can be transferred outside of the Efone network and the call will be charged at the standard rate.

Can I record personal greetings for my voicemail?

Yes, you can record a personal greeting on each extension and personalise the greeting a caller will hear depending on your preference.

What happens if I move premises?

Not a problem, the beauty of our system is you can just pick up the handsets and take them with you and plug them into your broadband connection at your new premises and you are up and running immediately.

What hardware is supported?

Our system can support any type of hardware that has a SIP account facility.

What happens if I lose my Broadband connection?

Simply contact our office on 062-85421 and we will divert your calls to a mobile of your choice so you do not miss any incoming calls while waiting for your broadband connection to be restored.

If our FAQs  haven’t answered your questions then please contact the Efone support team by email or telephone ( +353 (62) 85421). Please ensure you have your Efone Customer details  with you when calling Support.