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How We Work For You

Efone specializes in hosted VoIP phones systems that give you full office functionality without the need to invest in a PBX of your own. Your virtual phone system will be located in a secure data centre, and your calls will be carried over your broadband connection – saving you significant costs in call charges, hardware and line rental. Your business will benefit from the low cost of VoIP calls, plus with no PBX hardware to purchase, your set-up and maintenance cost will be substantially lower.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Services

You can virtually eliminate line rental charges. And Efone’s VOIP Phone System offers so much more – flexibility, scalability, resilience, integrated remote office extensions to name but a few. Whatever the type of business, an architectural practice, a buildings contractor, an interior design studio, or any office environment, the answer can be found in our custom built PBX coupled with our tailored rate card to suit your business..

Keep Your Existing Numbers

When you are moving to Efone you can bring all your numbers with you so there is no disruption to your service. Efone will handle the porting process on your behalf from start to completion.

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Exceptional Call Rates

Efone recognises that no two businesses are the same so we off a customised rate card for all our customers. Save on the rates to the destinations that matter to your business

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Call Recording Services

Call Recording is a useful feature when monitoring an employee’s performance or training a new one. Recording can be activated or de-activated on an individual extension basis from our user friendly control panel

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Why choose us?

  • No Line Rental
  • No Contracts
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Call Connection Fees