• Digital Receptionist

    Our digital receptionist can send your calls to the right department to be dealt with. For e.g. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts etc.
  • Inbound Numbers

    A full range of Geographical, International and Free Phone Numbers can be availed off on our service giving more calling options for your customers.
  • Keep your existing number

    When you are moving to Efone you can bring all your numbers with you so there is no disruption to your service. Efone will handle the porting process on your behalf from start to completion.
  • Call Rates

    Efone recognises that no two businesses are the same so we off a customised rate card for all our customers. Save on the rates to the destinations that matter to your business
  • Free Calls

    Clients are free to create as many extensions as the need for their business. All calls made within the customer’s account will always be FREE with Efone.
  • Voicemail to Email

    Each extension can be personalised with its very on greeting and can be accessed anytime from the extension or remotely. Once the extension receives a voicemail it will automatically email the message (wav file) to the user
  • Professional Voice Recording

    Avail of our professional Voice specialists to record IVR, Voicemail Messages or even adverts while your customers or on hold or in a queue. Simply send us the transcript and we will send you a competitive quote
  • Call Forwarding

    Never miss a call when you leave the office again. Simply divert your calls to another landline or mobile. Unlike other companies there is no set up fee for this service.
  • Out of Office Hours

    Our intelligent routing system can determine whether a business is either open or closed. For out of office hours calls can be routed to either another number or directly to a company voicemail.
  • Call Queuing

    At times of high call volumes calls can be placed in a queue until an agent becomes free to deal with that call. Calls can be set to be answered randomly, in sequence or indeed the agent with the least or fewest calls
  • Call Recording

    Call Recording is a useful feature when monitoring an employee’s performance or training a new one. Recording can be activated or de-activated on an individual extension basis from our user friendly control panel
  • Fax to Email

    Our Fax to Email; service allows you to receive fax’s through our hosted service and will the forward them in PDF format to a designated email address. Our system also allows for an outbound fax service.
  • Call Records

    Our on line call records are displayed in real time and are a vital tool in monitoring staff performance and cost. You will instantly be able to view who dialed what destination, the status and cost of each call as well as how long it took to answer each inbound call
  • Call Screening

    Call Screening is useful where a client has more than one inbound number. The agents answering the phone will see what number that call has come in on and can answer the call appropriately. Caller ID will also be displayed in addition to the Call Screening
  • Music On Hold

    Our standard music on hold is available for all our clients. However if you wish you may upload your own audio files which can include advertisements for your business