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How Efone wireless broadband works?

Our wireless broadband is not to be confused with the wireless connections available through your mobile phone or special cards that you add to your laptop.

If your location meets the requirements we will come and install the equipment for you, and all you have to do is plug in and go…

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More about Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband (sometimes known as FWA – fixed wireless access) is a permanent, always on connection at your house or business premises, and is an alternative to the physical wires and cables that would ordinarily connect you to the outside world.

With a small antenna mounted on your premises, our equipment will connect directly to the nearest “access point” that transmits data back and forth via a radio signal.

All we need to connect you is to ensure that you have ‘Line of Sight’ to an access point, as this signal generally travels in a straight line. Large obstacles like dense trees and buildings will limit your ability to connect to the service.

Prices start from €40

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Efone Wireless

Speeds Upto 100Mbps, Unlimited Downloads,
No Contract.